Stop Being Indispensable – The Consequences of Doing More

For many women, we believe that by working hard, keeping our heads down, and continuously saying yes proves our value. Unfortunately, these behaviors can lead to you being burned out and blocked from achieving your highest potential. In this session, we will explore why we are compelled to do more and the consequences of doing […]

She’s So LIT! The Now and Next Generation of Spirited Creatives and Creators

From science to writing, women are claiming their space in beverage. Let’s hear from trending women about their journey and how important it is to blaze a trail. Leave no woman behind.


Welcome with Peggy Noe Stevens

Keynote: Affecting Change: How Lady Justice Uses Beer to Make the World a Better Place

Lady Justice Brewing started with a thought.  Why can’t we brew beer and give back to the community?   Born from this idea, the three founding women have created a community-based, all-female business that focuses on giving back to the women and children of Colorado – they are brewing great beer to make the world a […]

Women in Craft

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Marketing Disruption and How Craft Beverages Win

The concept of ‘craft’ has truly disrupted beverage alcohol to the tune of billions of dollars in sales while creating hundreds of thousands of jobs. That said, corporate ‘craft’ has come on strong too. Join Julia Herz, one of craft beer’s biggest champions who helped grow independent craft from $6B to $28B, as she talks […]

Creating Added ROI: Increasing Your Return on Investment with Return on Inclusion

As the craft beverage industry continues to grow and evolve, new and current brands will have to rediscover human centered business. How do you cultivate relationships with prospective diverse talent and consumer audiences? Join TKT Collab and their guests to discuss why diversity and inclusion (DEI) must be at the heart of every aspect of […]

Lunch in Exhibit Hall

Not All Distributors Are Your Enemy

You’ve seen the forum threads and social media posts. You know what most of the suppliers in the beverage alcohol community think of the distribution tier, but not all distributors are your enemy!  Just like the craft beverage industry has evolved over the past decade, so has the wholesale tier, which means you’ve got to […]