Designing the Ideal Brand for Your Target Consumer

In today’s age of uncertainty, Beer, Wine, and Spirit Brands have adapted to new business models, with a heavy focus on digital media. As most businesses are rebuilding their brand’s digital presence, it’s clear that even during a pandemic, a successful redesign can change everything. Experience a compelling conversation with lead industry professionals as they […]

The New Business of Relationships and Prospecting

How are you connecting the dots of people + work these days? If you are like many in the world, it is a gigantic shift of everything: how you are approaching relationships, doing business and prospecting. Are you progressing as you want? Or are you still struggling?  Our world is permanently different, there is no “going back ” or […]

Is Your Brand Ready for Investment?

COVID or not, starting and growing your brand is expensive, confusing and time consuming. In this session we will share practical advice on raising money, and what investors look at and for when evaluating your business. We will share what metrics matter and what measurements do not.  Raising money is the backbone of all successful […]

Using Brand Architecture to Scale Your Business

Are you launching a new line of seltzers? Or a kombucha? Or maybe opening a new location? These leaps present complicated decisions to be made. Do we use your current name on this new location or make it more tailored to its new neighborhood? Should you create a new name for your seltzers? What will […]

Free Keynote: Letting Go of 2020 and Planning for 2021 Within All Three Channels – Off-Premise, On-Premise and ECOMM

By all admissions, 2020 was challenging at best and horrible at worst!  But we producers need to rally and plan for sunnier days ahead.  In this opening session, join fellow producers as we bid a needed farewell to 2020 and ask and answer what are the best opportunities for sales, growth, and omnichannel beverage depletions […]