Expanding Your Market Share Through Diversification

Brands are taking a hard look at current products as the sales landscape is changing and effects on distribution and market share are being felt. With such influencers as trends toward a healthy lifestyle, the rise in Gen Z, sober-curious, and the aging of the Millennials, independent producers need to understand what they are offering […]

Lunch in the Exhibit Hall

Collaboration: Boon or Bust?

Collaborations between brands continue to grow as producers search for opportunities to increase their market share. Partnerships are at the heart of the collaboration but before jumping in, both producers need to be on the same page. From profit share to responsibilities to state lines, this session will explore the ins and outs of collaborations […]

Marketing Tips and Tricks Town Hall

Join our diverse panel of industry representatives for an open town hall discussion where they will provide the latest marketing how-tos. From digital to influencers to technology, they will share tips and tricks on what is and is not working for other independent producers in the marketplace. Bring your questions!


Marketing vs Distribution: Two Perspectives on Your Campaign

What makes for a successful campaign? Is it in the eyes of the beholder? Review a campaign through two sets of eyes – marketing and distribution – to see what’s important to whom and why. What works and doesn’t work for each? How important is taste vs. packaging? What gets each of them most excited? […]

Keynote: Capitalizing on Trends to Position Your Product

Trends. We all hear the word, but what are they, where do they come from and why do they matter? What impact do trends have on product selection and future sales? How do you capitalize on this information to position products with distributors, retailers, consumers? Join Tom Flanagan, a leading creative, content and business strategy […]

Now What?!: How to Create the Relationships You Need to Build Your Business and Propel It Forward

You’ve been absorbing the nuts and bolts of what you need to be successful at distribution. Now, do know what it takes to create and develop the relationships that’ll move you and your business forward? Attend this session to dive into the why & how of business relationships, learning connecting strategy and tactics from an […]