The Distributor/Producer Partnership Part II: Setting Expectations, Legal Documents & Contracts

You’ve selected your distributor, now what?  Like any good partnership, be it a marriage or a business, it’s time to set the expectations.  Communication, deliverables, goals, vision, roles – each one of you plays a part in making the distribution of your product successful.  Setting the terms will go a long way to setting expectations.  […]


The Distributor/Producer Partnership Part I: Finding the Right Distributor for Your Brand

To make the distributor producer partnership work, you need to find the right distributor to fit your brand. But how do you determine who is the best fit? Understanding your distribution needs, the distributor’s portfolio balance and the differences between large and small distributors is key to better determining your next step to identifying your […]

Keynote: The Past Present and Future of the Middle Tier by Cheryl Durzy, Founder & CEO, LibDib

The evolution of the three-tier system is here. Join the CEO and founder of Liberation Distribution (LibDib) for a discussion of distribution. She will outline how we got to where we are and where the opportunity lies. Cheryl’s 20 years of experience as the wholesale channel manager of her family’s small winery will help provide […]