Lunch/Expo Hall Activities

Growth Strategy Part III: Measuring Success with Distribution Analytics

Measurement is vital to any successful business. Using the data, or distribution analytics, provided by your distributor partner can help you better understand trends and patterns to help your business grow.  But what reports should you ask for?  What data matters and what doesn’t?  How do you track the information; how do you use it […]


Growth Strategy Part II: Launching New Products with Your Distributor

Launching a new product is a major event for any brand.  In addition to the time and effort that goes into development of the product, producers need to take the time to research the business side – where does it fit in the distributor’s portfolio? What price point is best?  How will marketing and sales […]

Growth Strategy Part I: Demand Planning for Growth Success

Picture this, running out of product just as your popularity is building.  Suddenly, you’ve lost your shelf space due to the lack of product. Worst nightmare, right? Proper demand planning is the key to avoiding this ultimate producer nightmare.  Learn how to align demand planning with your growth strategy to ensure your distributor is well […]


Keynote: Survival in the New Age of Independent Brands by Brian Rosen, President and CEO, BevStrat, Inc.

Retail Strategy Part II: Winning with Independent Stores

Winning your home market means being fully-shelved at your area independent stores.  For some, you may be required to go through your distributor, but for others you may have the luxury of self-distribution.  In all cases, independent stores require more effort, legwork and staffing to ensure your inventory shows up on their shelves.  Meet representatives […]


Retail Strategy Part I: Understanding Control States

Doing business with a control jurisdiction can provide significant benefits to independent producers. These systems represent 24.8% of the population in the United States and 23% of the distilled spirits sales. Understanding that control systems can be flexible to work with and responsive to their customers provides opportunities that may be overlooked because of misunderstandings […]