How to Win Your Local Market and Why You Need To Keep It

With more people getting excited about craft and independent beverage production, new brands enter local markets every day. The fight to the top of these markets is often goal #1 in order to increase profitability, build brand recognition, and drive onsite tourism. This session is designed for all levels of experience in which everyone from […]

Creating an Effective Loyalty Program for Your Craft Brand

Are you leveraging the passion your customers have for your craft brand? Already have a loyalty program but want to take it to the next level? Learn the ins and outs of creating an effective loyalty program for your distillery or brewery including promotion, implementation and management using key technologies and proven customer service tools. […]

Self-Distribution: Marvelous or Onerous?

Viewed by some as an opportunity and a gift, but by others a nightmare, self-distribution can be both at times. Join a diverse collection of panelists with decades of experience from different walks of the alcoholic beverage industry as they explore the positive and negative aspects of self-distribution. Learn how to take the most of […]

Make Your Package a Branding Powerhouse

Discover the three brand pillars that form the foundation for break-through packaging design: your unique selling point, brand personality (who your brand is), and an emotional hook (how it makes your audience feel). Use these three pillars to guide your package design process, and create a differentiated and emotionally engaging package that stands out in market. […]

A Website Is an Island Unless You Drive Traffic to It

Plenty of companies build a website, then never touch it again. Something resembling an island, especially in being isolated or having little or no direct communication with others. A website is simply a tool for your business, a small piece of your overall marketing drive. In order to properly drive traffic to it, you must align […]

Telling Your Story

In this session, companies will learn how to locate and tell their stories. Storytelling is a bit of a buzzword in corporate communications, but it has real value and is especially important for makers of artisanal products. Customers do not relate to craft beverages as interchangeable widgets; they have an emotional connection–which is why brewery […]

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