In-Planning Workshop

Friday, May 20 • 9:00 am – 4:30 pm The full day, hands-on discussions focus on beer, wine, spirits, cider, and mead producers. We will walk you through how to make the “big decision” to move forward with your plans, the legal considerations, marketing and distribution issues, and preparation for future growth. Participants will be […]

General Session

Chasing the Unicorn: Brand Loyalty in 2016 Marketers are trained to move consumers through a funnel that starts with awareness and ends with loyalty. But vast changes in media and technology, as well as significant shifts in generational attitudes and behaviors, have made the funnel more of an ideal—a beautiful unicorn—rather than a reality for […]

Exhibit Hall Open/Expo Hall Education

Community Collaborations: How Craft Beverage Producers Benefit from Partnering with Local, State & National Organizations

Agricultural and culinary tourism are among the fastest growing sectors of the overall travel industry in the world! Craft beverage producers are part of that mix. From tours, to festivals and events, to spirit dinners and tastings, there are plenty of ways for craft producers to tap into these collaborative marketing partnerships. Objectives: Identify regional […]

Financing Your Craft Beverage Company

One of the most daunting tasks for new and existing craft beverage companies is securing financing. While there are myriad ways to raise capital, including “friends and family” fundraising, small business loans, angel investors, venture capital, and even private equity, each of these has its pros and cons from a legal and business perspective. One […]

Opening Reception

Exhibit Hall Open/Expo Hall Education

Opening General Session

The Opening General Session will be moderated by Damien Wilson. Quality – The Cornerstone of Craft Quality is the element upon which all others are built. From careful production to reliable distribution to consistent flavors, quality flows throughout the business of craft. Join our panel of producers as they examine what constitutes quality and how […]