Exporting to the UK and Europe

What do you need to know to begin exporting? Explore the current alcoholic drinks industry in the UK and across Europe as we help you understand each countries nuances and differences. Review the current retail landscape and routes to market as we review case studies of brands which have made the leap. Learn how to […]

Funding Sources & Considerations

What funding do you need to finance the growth of your company? As a producer who wants to grow, you need to understand the different sources of funding available to you and their advantages and disadvantages based on your unique situation. What will be the costs? What regulatory and reporting considerations do you need to […]

Content Marketing: The Not so Secret Weapon of Craft

Consumers are savvy – they don’t believe advertising. They want an authentic, quality brand who they can trust. Content marketing provides an opportunity for you to provide meaningful, memorable connections with your customers which will in turn, produce quality leads for your business. Understand how to tell your story, create a voice for your brand, […]

Beyond Style: Make Your Package a Marketing Powerhouse

Great packaging is critical to the success of your beverage brand – and it’s about much more than aesthetics. Branding expert Cynthia Sterling will explain the role each packaging component plays in delivering your brand message and generating sales. From closure to back label, we’ll explore the marketing value vs. cost of each element. Drawing […]

Managing Your Inventory and Production to Ensure Financial Success

You have set up your production lines, your tasting room is buzzing, but if you don’t have a proper handle on managing your inventory and production all of that success could be for naught. Your inventory represents one of the largest investments in your company, but do you know your actual costs? Do you truly […]

Advanced Strategies to Predict Digital Marketing ROI

In this session we will focus on how you can integrate advanced digital strategies into a cohesive program that gives you positive return on investment.  Explore best practices for analyzing consumer data to better Intercept & Influence your consumer’s path to purchase, easy search engine optimization, building your email list of potential leads, and predicting […]

Water: Manage Your Business through the Ebbs and the Flows

From the drought to El Nino – we’ve seen major impacts from Mother Nature on water sourcing over the last year. How do you make the best decisions when it comes to water management for your business? As a craft producer you need to be prepared for the impact both nature and manmade water situations […]

Battle of the Brands: Avoiding Common Trademark Pitfalls

As the number of craft beverage products has exploded, so too have the opportunities for trademark liability. With thousands of labels vying for attention, it’s becoming harder than ever for producers to nurture a strong, distinctive brand while simultaneously avoiding legal conflicts with their many competitors. Most beverage producers understand the important role that trademark […]

Closing General Session

Join us for the Closing General Session, moderated by Alan Kropf. Relationships – The Core Element of Craft Our lives revolve around relationships.  Family, friends, neighbors, community, competitors, suppliers, vendors, customers.  Relationship building is a core element of your business; it is one of the elements that sets you apart, builds your brand, and creates […]

Strategies for Inspiring Brands

Brand building is both art and science, but the emphasis for most craft beverage producers has been on the art. As the landscape continues to evolve, having a brand strategy with just the right amount of detail will be the key to sustaining success. This session will show you how to bring some structure to […]