Succeed on the Path to Market

As an independent beer, wine, spirits, cider or mead producer, you’re faced with many challenges, but one of the biggest is distributing your product. Craft Beverage Distribution Conference delivers solutions. Get answers to your questions and immerse yourself in practical education addressing:

    • Branding and packaging
    • Marketing and sales
    • Traditional and alternative distribution
    • On-premise, off-premise and third channels
    • And more!


Veteran freelance journalist Tara Nurin trains her eyes, ears and typing fingers on the places where food and beverage intersects with business, culture, history, sustainability and identity. Often using liquid lubricants as her mirror toreflect broader societal trends, the Forbes beer and spirits contributor files her stories from some of the world’s most colorful breweries, bars and boardrooms and appears as a frequent presenter on broadcasts and live panels hosted by entities like the Smithsonian and the Brewers Association. Passionate about promoting women’s challenges and achievements, the former TV news reporter is publishing her first book, a history of women in beer, in fall 2021. After spending her first 26 winter holidays in Puerto Rico and residing in 11 states and countries, the trilingual Nurin has chosen to live as an urban pioneer on Camden, NJ’s, riverfront.