Succeed on the Path to Market

As an independent beer, wine, spirits, cider or mead producer, you’re faced with many challenges, but one of the biggest is distributing your product. Craft Beverage Distribution Conference delivers solutions. Get answers to your questions and immerse yourself in practical education addressing:

    • Branding and packaging
    • Marketing and sales
    • Traditional and alternative distribution
    • On-premise, off-premise and third channels
    • And more!

Upcoming Events

CBE in Louisville: March 8-9, 2022

The Craft Beverage Expo and Distribution Conference is the curated event you need to experience if you’re in the craft beverage industry. his is the ONLY place that teaches you step-by-step ways to formulate a solid distribution plan with the help of experts who know the craft business inside and out. You’ll also find companies that cater specifically to specialty beverages with the best new technologies and tools—from fresh ingredients to labels and shipping, to financial and other services specific to the craft industry’s needs. Join independent producers like yourself for an unforgettable experience where you can get a taste of the rich past and embrace the future at Craft Beverage Expo and Distribution Conference.

Price information can be found here. Note that price goes up by $10 every week. 

Women in Craft in Louisville: March 10, 2022

CBE’s Women in Craft Forum focuses on topics unique to women in the craft beverage industry. Whether you are in wine, beer, spirits, cider, mead or non-alcoholic beverages, this forum will set you up for success with tailored insight and strategies to push you to the next level in your career. Be prepared to walk away with not only tools and resources for managing your career in craft, but new, lifelong connections.

Price information can be found here. Note that price goes up by $10 every week. 


Kentucky International Convention Center

221 S 4th St, Louisville, KY 40202

4th Street Lobby Area