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Ways to Pivot Your Marketing Strategy

COVID-19 feels like it has infected businesses and the economy — and to a certain extent, it has done so, putting many businesses on life support. Yet, many are fighting back, like those in our industry, with resilient actions and innovative thinking. Marketing Challenges  Maybe you are struggling yourself and not sure how to market […]

CBE Blog Post - COVID

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Craft Beverage Industry

As a fellow member of the craft beverage industry, you’ve likely already felt the impact of COVID-19 on your business. It’s been tough to watch the ongoing shutdowns of breweries and brewpubs — some even for good. Yet, many believe that people are drinking more — just at home. To provide more perspective about what’s […]

Perpetual Adaptation: Connecting Now & In The Future

The world didn’t stop. It changed. Has this change been reflective of any possible iteration of your imagination? Likely no. Do you think what has happened was possible, say, even six months ago? And what do you think about what’s coming next, now? As people, we are uniquely equipped with a crazy capable brain to […]

Crafting with Cannabis: The Future of Infused Beverages

Hemp-derived CBD has seen massive growth in the past year—and expectations are that sales will only grow in the near future. Hemp Industry Daily estimates that CBD retail sales in the United States will reach as much as $11.3 billion by 2024. That’s 10 times the expectations for 2019! Alcohol and craft beer, wine and […]

Career Planning

What’s The Plan, Jan?? “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ― Mary Oliver To plan is to move forward, to make progress and build the life you love. Without a plan, well…. Does the phrase “flapping in the wind” conjure up any other ideas? When you […]

Speaker Spotlight: Heather Cox

Heather Cox, President of Certify My Company, is one of our influential speakers at the inaugural Women in Craft Forum at CBE19. As an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and consultant, Heather will be sharing her thoughts on the benefits of education, mentorships and other opportunities available to women in the craft beverage industry. Get your pass today! […]

Speaker Spotlight: Steve Brooks

Steve Brooks, Director of Beverage Development and Purchasing at Tumbleweed Tex Mex Grill and Margarita Bar, will be joining us at CBE19 and will be sharing his insights on how to get your products seen in restaurants and bars. If you haven’t purchased your pass yet, get yours today here!   What is the topic […]

Speaker Spotlight: Julie Verratti

Julie Verratti, Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Denizens Brewing Co., will speaking at this year’s Distribution Conference and will provide tailored insights into Self-Distribution. We sat down with Julie to do a deeper dive into what she’ll be discussing with the CBE audience… Don’t have your pass yet? Not to worry! Get yours here […]

Speaker Spotlight: Steffani Scheurich

We sat down with Steffani Scheurich, Owner/Founder of High Spirits Marketing, LLC, to learn more about what she’ll be discussing during her three different sessions at CBE 2019. Two of Steffani’s sessions will take place during the Distribution Conference while her third session will be during the new Women in Craft Forum. If you haven’t […]