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The Real Deal

“Raise your hand if you love going to networking events!!” When I ask this to rooms full of people, what do you suppose happens? I’ll tell you… the vast majority of people do not raise their hands. The reality is that the very idea of networking makes a lot of people cringe. Why? Because the […]

Speaker Spotlight: Laura Lodge

Laura Lodge is giving us a preview into what she’ll be discussing with her fellow presenters during the Consolidation of Distributors session at the Craft Beverage Distribution Conference. Haven’t purchased your pass yet? Get yours today here.   What is the topic of your session at the conference? The consolidation of distributors. How is this […]

Craft Spirits Trends from 2019

Recently, The Spirits Business did a roundup of 2019 trends that impacted the spirits industry this year, setting the foundation for some of the discussions we will host at the Craft Beverage Distribution Conference December 3 – 5 in Louisville, Kentucky. Here are some of the trend highlights from those findings that impacted many of […]

Speaker Spotlight: Michael Minton

Michael Minton, Owner of Dauntless Distributing, will be speaking alongside Brian Rosen and Michael Gray on how to understand and analyze the distribution landscape. Here’s a preview of the panel and what you can expect to learn.   Don’t miss out on this session and many others! Get your pass here.   What is the […]

Relationships Matter. Have you heard this before?

If you’ve heard this statement before and find yourself saying “Yea, yea yea… I know that” and yet can’t move past networking to connect and create the relationships you want, then it’s time to pause and rethink things. How do you authentically connect with other people? Why do you want to connect to begin with? […]

Is it Time to Take a Macro Approach to Craft Beer?

Earlier this year, Beverage Dynamics shared a list of craft beer trends for the year. Let’s revisit some of these craft beer trends to see their impact and what they mean for the future. Craft Beer Saturation The first trend was the ongoing increase in craft beer selection that may be starting to overwhelm consumers […]

Speaker Spotlight: Steve Soble

We sat down with Steve Soble, Founder of Burnt City Brewing and District Brew Yards, to get a sneak peek at his session during the Craft Beverage Distribution Conference 2019. Not registered yet? Get your conference pass here!   What is the topic of your session at the conference? Alternative Distribution Methods Tuesday, December 3, […]

CBD-Infused Beverages: Where is this Trend Going?

Visual Capitalist recently put together an infographic on the growth potential of the CBD beverage market, which includes CBD-infused beverages (coffee, tea, water, kombucha, juice, and sports drinks) as well as CBD-infused beer, wine, and spirits. The comprehensive infographic shared the benefits of these beverages and some of the ongoing trends that sees it growing […]

Continuing the Conversation: Hot Industry Topics from the Summer Central to the Craft Beverage Expo This Winter

With fall officially here, Craft Brewing Business took one last look at summer by doing a wrap-up of the hottest industry stories from the season. It’s stories like these that helped inspire our agenda for Craft Beverage Expo this December. Join us as we continue the conversation from this summer about many of the issues […]

Want To Start A Distillery? Read This

At Craft Beverage Expo, we celebrate every entrepreneur who pours their heart and soul into their craft business. If this is a business you’re trying to crack into, it’s going to take a lot of passion and dedication to make it a success. Our Executive Director, Kellie Shevlin, has been around long enough to see […]