Craft Beverage Expo Blog

We’re very excited to launch what will be a weekly update with information that is designed to help you stay up to date about trends, issues, and opportunities in the craft beverage industry.

It will also serve as a way to keep the discussions going that were started at our conference in May. Many guest bloggers are already busy working on their posts that will offer their unique perspective, experience, and knowledge related to the craft beverage industry.

We look forward to more guest bloggers joining our community to help us expand the content that is available for industry members and the media.

Craft Beverage Industry Growth Revealed by Big Data

Published on November 13, 2015 by Kellie Shevlin

Big Data has done a lot for numerous industries in terms of providing deeper insights about buying trends, demographics, and sales figures. The same can be said for the craft beverage industry that now has numerous analytics to report across all segments, including beer, spirits, wine, cider and mead. Recently, I had the opportunity to […]

Coming Soon: Craft Beverage Education Association

Published on October 9, 2015 by Craft Beverage Expo

Depending on what segment of the industry you’re in (beer, wine, spirits, or cider), there is likely an amazing national, if not regional or even local, industry trade group to be a part of.

GABF Wrap-Up

Published on October 1, 2015 by Kellie Shevlin

Having just returned from Denver, I want to share a wrap-up of my trip to Colorado where I participated in the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) Media Luncheon & Briefing. The highlights included…

Craft Beverage Evolution: Born, Bleeds, Booms

Published on September 24, 2015 by Lewis Perdue

There was this bar in Ithaca. Like most bars in Ithaca, it catered to college students: Cornell and Ithaca College and that meant beer. A lot of it…