Selecting a Craft Beverage Distributor Part 4: Benefits and Drawbacks of Working with a Distributor

When Prohibition was repealed in 1933, the Federal Government gave the states power over ensuring responsible alcohol distribution. A three-tier system was introduced where  liquor suppliers were required to work with a middleman, also known as a distributor or wholesaler, who would then sell the products to retailers. Overall, the system has worked. However, there […]

Selecting a Craft Beverage Distributor Part 3: Why Pick a Beer Distributor for Your Wine?

It seems obvious that you should pick a wine distributor if that’s your product segment in the craft business. However, that’s not always the case. Here’s why you should consider a beer distributor for your wine brands: They make faster payments  While wine distributors typically pay after your wine is sold, beer distributors get you […]

Selecting a Craft Beverage Distributor Part 2:  What to Look For in a Craft Wine Distributor

The second part in our series on selecting a distributor is focused on the wine segment. Once you are ready to launch your wine, now what? It’s time to start looking at how you will distribute that wine so it gets in front of your target customer in supermarkets and at restaurants. With so many […]

Selecting a Craft Beverage Distributor Part 1: Things to Consider

In Part 1 of our blog series on selecting a distributor to work with in the craft beverage industry, we look at the factors that should be considered before diving into a partnership. Level of Commitment It’s important to work with a distributor that is committed to the craft beverage industry and shows signs of […]

What We Learned About Change

It used to be the only things that were certain were death and taxes. What we have witnessed over the past year is that change should be added to that list of certainties. Many of the lessons that we have learned about change may also help you navigate an environment that is sure to continue […]

Tara Nurin Q&A

We sat down with the host of CBE, Tara Nurin, to see what she’s most excited about for this year’s event from December 2-3! Claim your spot here. Tara Nurin Interview from Alex on Vimeo.

Health & Safety Measures for CBE 2020

Craft Beverage Expo and Distribution Conference is still moving forward as scheduled, from November 30 – December 2 at the Kentucky International Convention Center (KICC) in Louisville, KY and we look forward to seeing you there. Your health and safety will remain of paramount importance as we plan for the event. We will do everything […]

Ways to Pivot Your Marketing Strategy

COVID-19 feels like it has infected businesses and the economy — and to a certain extent, it has done so, putting many businesses on life support. Yet, many are fighting back, like those in our industry, with resilient actions and innovative thinking. Marketing Challenges  Maybe you are struggling yourself and not sure how to market […]

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Craft Beverage Industry

As a fellow member of the craft beverage industry, you’ve likely already felt the impact of COVID-19 on your business. It’s been tough to watch the ongoing shutdowns of breweries and brewpubs — some even for good. Yet, many believe that people are drinking more — just at home. To provide more perspective about what’s […]